Steven McKenna Photography

Who, What, Why, Where?

About Steven McKenna

Steven McKenna is a 32 yr old freelance photographer based near Glasgow, Scotland, with over 7 years commercial experience. Passionate about photography, he has managed to combine it with a passion for outdoor activites, working with some of the leading sports magazines, mountain resorts and snowsport facilities within the UK.

Commission Me

Although based in Central Scotland I'm flexible to travel further a field for commissioned work and regularly take assignments across the UK and the Alps.

Why should you commission me?

Please contact me for more information regarding rates and availability.

Purchasing Prints

If you would like to purchase a photo from this website, please get in touch and I can supply you with a price depending on how it will be used (one off print, commercial use, etc).

While not every photo from an event will see the light of day, every photo is available for purhcase. "How does that work?", I hear you say. Just becasue the photo doesn't appear on my site, that doesnn't mean it isn't hidden somewhere online (usually for the evenr organsiers to review). If you've spotted me at an event and think I might have some photos of you, please feel free to get in touch.